Clouds Over Local Beach

Andrés Dominguez // 2014

Times of Beauty

Andrés Dominguez // 2014

At the End of the Beach

Andrés Domínguez // 2015.

Andres dominguez shape on his canvas the daily life , a common beach of South Florida without anything that interrupts his landscape, at the same time he brings us nostalgic and particular moments of each individual. Oil on Canvas.

Andres Dominguez catches a moment that will never return, the beauty of a woman, emphasizing the purity and innocence of youth, reminds us that moments never return in accuracy and time does not pass in vain, which produces nostalgia and contradictory feelings. Oil on canvas
Andres Dominguez captures on a canvas the island of key biscayne from a different perspective where he shows us how nature mixes with the city and manages to give us a different vision of what we live daily. Oil on canvas.